How to order a book:

-  Click on        on the right of the web page.

-  The item you selected will now appear in the shopping trolley on the right of the web page.

-  Repeat this step for all of the items you would like to order.

-  After you selected all the items you would like to order, click on 'Order now' below the shopping trolley.


-  A summary of all the items in your shopping trolley will be displayed. Here you can remove single items or all the items from your trolley.

-  Choose the country of delivery. The cost of postage will be displayed.

-  Choose the method a payment you prefer.

-  Tick that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions (Click on 'Terms and Conditions' to open the documentation).

-  Click on 'Continue' to proceed with your order.

-  Complete the Order form by entering your name, contact details and postal address.

-  Click on 'Send order' to place your order.

-  If you chose 'Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) / Direct deposit' as the method of payment, your order is completed. You will be contacted by Graffiti in connection with the order.

-  If you chose 'Pay via Credit Card' as the method of payment, you will be requested to enter your credit card information. Your order is only finalised after you clicked on 'Pay now'.

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